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foto: Hugo Glendinning

17 monks from the Shaolin Temple
dance performance - production Sadler's Wells Theatre in London

GALA SHOW as a part of festival TANEC PRAHA
25. 6. + 26. 6. + 27. 6. / 20.00 /, Music Theatre Karlín


Performance has been inspired by the skills, strength and spirituality of the Buddhist monks in Shaolin Temple (Henan Province, China).

Sutra is a fascinating view into the philosophy and beliefs of the shaolin tradition.

The performances will take your breath away!

Simple statements and authenticity of the movements is underlined by the original live acoustic music.

Since its premiere in the Sadler's Wells Theatre in London on 27 May 2008 the performance was attended by more than 60 000 people from 13 European countries.

Sutra has been declined from the word Sutta (in Pali), worshiping of Buddha, is a general term for rules and aphorisms. Sutra in Hindu sets out principles of good conduct.

SUTRA - sample

Direction & Choreography: Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui

(born 1976 in Belgium, Flemish mother, Moroccan father), winner of the prestigious European awards in Culture 2009 Kairos Prize, has spent the Shaolin monastery in China several months, studying the philosophy, tai chi and kung fu.

Visual creation and design: Antony Gormley

Winner of the Turner Prize. Sutra is set in stunning scenery consisting of 21 wooden boxes that provide its regroup constantly changing scene.

Music: Polish composer Szymon Brzoska

The brilliant performance will be completed by brilliant musical accompaniment. Five musicians (strings, piano, percussion) play in the background scene behind a semi-transparent screen.

obrázek obrázek obrázek obrázek

Sumako Koseki: Buto - Dancing on the edge.


"Buto is the way of understanding why people dance. It is the connection with our past and the memories of our ancestors, "says Koseki Sumako.

The work of Japanese dancer Sumako Kosek is based on their butoh dance (masters Isso Tadashi Suzuki and Miura), ifluenced by her collaboration with Grotowski, Barb, and Adrien Léotard.

Sumako Koseik works as a dancer and teacher in Japan, France, Denmark, Greece and the Czech Republic

Sumako a butó     Biography of Sumako Koseki

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Since 2004 Sumako Koseki regularly leads butoh dance workshops in the Czech Republic

Performances in Prague:

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